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Welcome to KORA

    KORA STUDIO MÉXICO SA DE CV   (“KORA INTERNATIONAL“), is a Mexican Production Company. Our headquarters are located in Mexico City. Over 6 years of experience support our expertise within the production and distribution environment in Latin America.

We are well aware of the needs within the new markets; they wish to acquire all kind of products, and for us, it is of vital importance to give those products the real commercial value they need in order to succeed. We believe that Top Quality is the best asset to encourage costumers and to make products take over the market.

For that purpose, we created our “Soul TransferTechnique. With this business model, the products can reach the Latin American markets with the guarantee of the best treatment possible, to get a just and successful sell. 

Passion is what drives us to do everything we do; we  work under the basis of an excellent literary-media-artistic-technical treatment in order to make your product memorable, and therefore… profitable.

Our Company


To give our costumers pure satisfaction through our services with the best quality. One of our main goals is to spread foreign culture all over  Latin America, and therefore spread Latin American culture overseas.


We seek for the truth, always. We look for a fair business with mutual benefits that can produce a long and a solid business friendship and partnership with our authorized dealers, suppliers and costumers.